New Way To Power A Home: Wind & Solar Makes Hydrogen (video)

Categories: Solar Power

 Hydrogen House Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to the pursuit of clean and renewable solutions to help meet the world's increasing energy demand.  Inventor Mike Strizki founded the organization to educate the public while conducting research on hydrogen and other clean energy technologies.  

Hydrogen is the same element that fuels the Sun, and he has retrofitted his home in Hopewell, New Jersey, to convert solar energy into hydrogen gas. 

The gas provides clean electricity by way of hydrogen fuel cells, and can be stored indefinitely.  Strizki even runs his fuel cell car with the hydrogen his home system produces for free!  

Unlike fossil fuels that release CO2 and other emissions when burned, Strizki's clean energy systems require no oil or gas wells to be drilled, and emit only chemically pure water and oxygen... two things none of us can live without!

Wait to you see Mike Strizki's latest renewable energy creation...

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