James Cameron Knows How To Make A Woman Happy: With 'Flowers'

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“My incredible husband really knows how to give a girl a bouquet of flowers,” Suzy Amis-Cameron said of James Cameron, who designed Solar Sun Flowers for her as a gift when she was seeking a way to bring renewable energy to MUSE School CA, which she co-founded with a mission around sustainability.

Five were recently installed on the 22-acre Malibu Canyon campus and are generating roughly 300 kilowatt hours per day, with expectations to offset the non-profit school’s power usage between 75 percent and 90 percent — possibly 100 percent at times — depending on available daylight. And the patent-pending design will next be available, free and open-source, to encourage wider use.

Nearly 30-feet in diameter and with a 16 ft. tall 'stem,' each unit is designed to resemble a sun flower and rotate with the position of the sun (effectively functioning like the flower), driven by a central tracker that uses astronomical calculations to determine the sun’s position. An anemometer is used to measure wind speed, and when it is too great, the system will move into a flat stow position.

The Avatar director is of course also an innovator who has developed pioneering filmmaking technology, as well as a submersible which took him on a record-breaking solo dive to the Pacific Ocean’s Mariana Trench. Three years ago, the couple was in Sydney while he was developing the submersible, and he was looking for a special gift for his wife’s birthday. That’s when he came up with this approach to solar — a “functional art piece” that was both “fun and symbolic.”

“So much of her focus was on MUSE, and the school stood for something — the way in which we conduct our relationship with the planet. I though we should try to do something that inspires because this is about kids. Once you capture their imagination and empower them, they can do anything,” he said at an unveiling, held during the weekend in conjunction with the school’s annual gala.

He started on the Solar Sun Flowers by sketching the initial idea — as he did with the submersible — and then evolved the design by working with an Avatar CG artist. His wife admitted that she cried when during her birthday dinner “he brought out a presentation with pictures of MUSE, and Photoshopped in were these flowers.”

“Here we are three years later, I thought it was going to take six months. I always go over schedule,

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