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Solar power is a beautiful renewable resource, and so are hydro and wind power! So many Americans really want to become more independent, more self sustainable but instead believe the myths that they cant do it! Really? Don't believe the naysayers! Renewable energy sources have come down in price, and with federal incentives and state rebates, it PAYS to invest in something that gives you FREEDOM, independence, and a source of power that NO ONE can shut off!! Think about that? We buy ourselves new trucks and cars but wont invest in life insurance policy of free renewable electricity to FREE US? That's incredible. So today I am debunking those myths! YOU CAN save money with solar, you can free yourself, and you don't have to be rich.

Everything comes with a price tag. Living on the grid costs money. We chose to spend ours on being more self sustainable. Which meant renewable energy

I am amazed. This last month I posted a video introducing my Solar Series. When out of  the blue my first one has hit over 80k!
This is truly incredible! It  means not just people who are intrigued by the off grid lifestyle is coming to view the video. All sorts of people from apparently all walks of life are  now showing up to watch! WOW!
This  can be a very good thing, or a very unique maybe not so good thing!

The encouraging part of the new found coverage is a variety of ideals, opinions and tips are surfacing in the comment section.
Many have shown to be be very thought provoking and inspiring to read . But with anything the flip side are the comments that lack facts, or are cynically opinionated, or are misrepresentations of the truth.

I always tell people to bing it or google it if they have a issue with what I am saying. Just because we live the life doesn't mean we are the final word.

The one thing these comments have made me ponder more closely is the camps that are forming out there which have so many different views and ideals about what off grid is all about.

The first thing that surprised me was the incentive hype . I think people get confused over what an incentive is. Remember the Reform Act of 2008 when all Americans received a check in the mail to help stimulate the economy? I'm wondering how many of those naysayers who claim we are stealing from the taxpayers cashed their checks that month that CAME directly from the taxpayers!

Off Grid living is about getting back to the basics! Its not about the cost of the solar array

And the substantiated facts in regards to a incentive/rebate/credit from the government is that ALL Americans if you file taxes most certainly have used one in their lifetime!
Not so? Better check yourself. Have a mortgage? Did you take the credit? Have a IRA? Did you take the credit? College? Credit? Health Savings Account? Credit? Children? All credits! Capital gain loss? Use that credit? They even have a credit for gambling losses! And to think, people get upset because the government has incentives for wind and solar.

The other distortion still comes down to the cost. And this is where the real parting of the sea comes from. We know in life everything comes with a price.  Including going off the grid. But I believe that people who are getting these 25-35k quotes aren't looking at the sustainable side of off grid life.
They aren't seeing the philosophy behind the ideal. They are thinking in terms of black and white. Which  means, you simply unplug from the grid and take your energy hog of a house, with all of its bells and whistles and set it up off the grid. You buy the 25k array to plug it all  in...and are now officially off the grid.


For those who dont change their way of thinking, producing and creating will never be part of their lives

Going off the grid is more then just unplugging. I  have said this before. It is a ideology,  a mentality, a philosophy. We yearn for the simple life. We want to go back to the basics. and we don't desire to take what we had on gird with us! This means we redesign our homes, we leave behind the toys and gadgets that we didn't need, we learn how to use our hands and our brains. We get our hands dirty and our knees scabbed, we  create and we produce. And  our solar arrays are just a small part of our life.
AND our arrays don't cost us 35k! We consume less and waste less.

The other part is we are more then happy paying for this lifestyle.
You must pay for your on grid home correct? That didn't come free and neither did the electricity to  keep it going.

We chose peace and left the wastefulness of a energy consuming hog of a house for simpler cleaner living

The electrical  part of that house was already figured into the overall cost. So that mortgage includes the cost of your electrical setup, that you not only pay for monthly in your mortgage, but YOU CONTINUE to pay monthly to the utility company.Essentially that BILL never goes away, and you never really never own that electricity in the end.

The beauty of our investment is, the cost was to figured into the house similar to your on grid home. BUT we will own our electricity in a certain amount of time. In addition we are not enslaved by a  monthly bill and WE don't rely on another entity to provide for us.

Smart meters for us is nothing short of subjugation. Staying hooked up more of a vulnerability instead of freedom. The convenience of that comfort was not worth what we were giving up in terms of our sustainability. We never thought the grid was "evil" as many uninformed people who dont understand this mindset believe  BUT FOR US, we choice not to participate anymore. Its as simple as that!


Some things money cant buy. But we can choose to spend it on renewable sources

So next time you watch anyone off grid that discusses how we use renewable energy to run our homes...REMEMBER the ideal behind the concept. This is not about the panels or the turbine..this is about a dream. A dream of freedom, peace and self sustainability. Leaving the clutter, to be more simple! 

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