Time Lapse Of Ground Mount 4.2 kw Solar System Installation

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Earthship Builder, and Architect Andy Hickman builds this ground mount solar system in what appears to be record time, thanks to fast photography!  Enjoy the setup process at high speed:

Andy and his Earthship have been featured on Offthegridstores.com.  

He is a pro at solar installation, battery banking, insulating, and going off-grid.  Contact [email protected]  for a quote or more information.  Though he covers primarily the Southeastern U.S., he is a qualified consultant for all of your energy needs.  

 The first step to saving money is making sure your home is extremely efficient. Because heating and cooling a home is by far the biggest consumer of energy,  knowing what's worth doing, and when it's best to throw in the towel and get another home is important.  Some homes are so energy inefficient, that they're not worth setting up solar and wind power, because the cost is too great.  It's better to get your home to a high energy efficiency level first.  Then your costs moving forward will be much much less!  


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