Whole Foods teams up with Elon Musk to install solar panels on hundreds of locations

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Whole Foods, one of the biggest health and organic food grocery chains in the United States, will be plastering nearly 1/4 of their 431 locations with solar panels after an agreement reached between the company and Elon Musk's SolarCity.

SolarCity plans to fit 100 stores with a custom-created solar panel array and will be selling cheap solar electricity to the stores to make sure they stay powered at night.

“SolarCity will custom design each solar power system to maximize the amount of grid power offset and expects to begin installation this spring,” the two companies stated in a joint press release. “Whole Foods Market will also save money with the new solar installations by purchasing power from SolarCity at a discount to current electricity costs, locking in low solar energy rates for years into the future.”

When the panels are completed, Whole Foods will be one of the top 25 solar corporations in the US.  It's a mutually beneficial contract between the two companies and looks like the way we will transition into a completely renewable society.

Construction begins in the spring of 2016.

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