Adding Solar Power To Your Golf Cart

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Adding Solar Panels To Your Golf Cart Can Be A Great Way To Avoid Stopping And Plugging In The Charger!  If you're always golfing in the sun, it's always charging up!

World’s First Solar Powered Golf Cart Fleet 

Hong Kong’s The Jockey Club Kau Sai Chau Public Golf Course prides itself on its green credentials. They have debuted the world’s first and biggest fleet of solar-cell powered golf carts. The SolarDrive golf carts will also produce big savings for the club.The SolarDrive Golf Cart project is part of a $45 million citywide environment project in response to global warming and climate change. The golf club estimates that the switch to solar power golf carts will reduce carbon emissions by up to 30 tons per year.The SolarDrive golf cart has a solar-cell roof panel and is able to capture and convert daylight into sufficient energy, even on cloudy days. The cart charges while being driven.


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