Wind Mill Water Pumping - How, Why, and How Much

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me face shotI find that after a bit of experience in off the grid concepts and living, a windmill water pump is one of the best ways to go when it comes to dependable electric-free water supply.  The action of the windmill is capable of being used for either driving a water pump, or for generating power, and usually not for both.  On the upside, they can pump enough water to irrigate any farm.  On the downside, if you just need a little water, it might be a bit of overkill considering the costs. There is an up front cost in drilling and casing a well, and then another cost in the windmill pump.  The nice thing is you don't have to worry about having a power pole brought in which can be a big expense in rural areas.  It is a completely self contained solution.  Determining the size you need, you can go all the way up to a large size that will pump water 1200 feet deep in great volume.  Watch these videos.  Both are terrifically informative.                  ~Dave Webster

water pumpMr. Teslonian gives us an explanation and how to on making a windmill water pump from simple things and understanding the concept:


 Here, another man shares his failures with windmill water pumping so that we can better understand what we are getting ourselves into.

This is one to watch before jumping into buying one. 


If You're thinking of going this route, try USA Windmill.  They've been doing this for a long time:

Usa windmill


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