DIY 1000 watt wind turbine

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Step 3: Build the bearing assembly

Two Harley Davidson wheel bearings are inserted into the pipe, with a smaller pipe locked between them to keep them in place.

Step 4: construct the blades

The blades are 2" x 6" pine, cut at 10 degrees on a table saw, and sanded into a rough airfoil. Not perfect, but close enough.

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Step 5: Further Reading

More info can be found at  and  via instructables

If you happen to live off grid or way out in the wilderness, or a power emergency comes along, you will need a battery backup system that will hold a lot of juice, and is rechargeable by the sun.  These guys are doing that very well:

Solar Panel Rechargeable

26 amp hours of juice that will charge up with the solar panel in 4-6 hours, or use your vehicle or wall outlet to charge up.  It's got a 500 watt (1000w peak) pure sine inverter, 2x 120v wall outlets, 4x usb ports, a solar panel port, a readout to tell you how much energy is left, and the whole pack is only 7 pounds.  It's retailing for $399, which is cheaper, longer lasting, has more ports, and is much lighter than the Goal Zero Yeti.  This is the next generation of power storage and supply, and I'm really excited about it!   

Yes it's a little small for off-the-grid housing, but getting this off the ground will lead to a next step in that direction that will blow your sox off!  (Whoops... am I allowed to let that out of the bag?  ah well... I just did).  ~Dave Webster


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