From The Ground Up Time Lapse; The Construction Of A 2.3 Megawatt Wind Tower

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Statistics for turbines capable of producing 2.3 megawatts of electricity each. • Distance from the ground to the hub is 263 feet. If placed next to the Statue of Liberty, the hub would be almost as high as the statue’s raised torch. • Each rotor blade is 173 feet long. • A concrete foundation 66 feet in diameter and 10 feet deep supports each tower. • Each foundation contains 531 cubic yards of concrete, approximately equal to the contents of 59 concrete-mixing trucks. • Each foundation contains 96,000 pounds of reinforcing steel. • Energy generation begins at a wind speed of 7 mph, and maximum energy generation occurs at a wind speed of 25 mph.  

Much different than the idea of living off the grid, these megaliths are big enough to power many homes.  If a home uses 5 to 8 kwh of power, then one of these monsters could power 125 to 200 homes if it were constantly rotating at peak performance.  The fact is, their viability depends completely on where they are installed, and how much constant wind is present.

One tower could power a small community of homes or a block development, but without adequate battery storage capacity to handle such power production, it is best to grid-tie so that power is provided as wind blows, and is distributed where it is needed.


When thinking of sustainable energy on a large scale, it's hard to contemplate an off-grid world, because battery banking is the shortfall.  Small quantities of energy stored for a single home can be handled on a home by home basis through a battery bank, but the idea of a central community battery bank is costly, and would require a huge building to store the power.  Other ideas for localized energy storage include utilizing the wind power to pump water up into a reservoire when wind production is good, and installing a water turbine to generate power as the water is drained.  This would act as a form of storage battery for the energy, and could be used to power smaller communities.  

Though these types of ideas could work in theory, no practical application of note has been tried,


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