Portable Plug And Play Wind Towers Make Off Grid Power Easy!

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So you've been thinking about setting up wind power with your solar setup for a while now, and you're just not sure which way to go about it. You've heard that wind power is easier and cheaper than solar, but where to begin?  A large tower makes for a complex installation, and things can get pricey in a hurry.  Derek Grassman and Kohilo Wind products have come up with the greatest small-scale power device we have seen to date!

Imagine you want to set up camp in the middle of the Sahara Desert.  One of these 4x4x4 boxes dropped with a parachute to your site would leave you with 12kwh of battery power to get started, and only four hours time to set up the tower and turbine to start charging your battery bank.


A look inside...

It comes with 3KW of power generation with a mild breeze, and up to 6kw of power generation available with it's stackable turbine technology!  

The turbines are designed on a floating magnetic bearing that is silent and frictionless, so it will do more than anything we've seen for its size, and when it comes to big power in a small package with plug-and-play built in inverters and breakers, what better way to get your off-grid setup in gear!?!?

Cost:  Under $30,000.00 with commercial delivery inside the U.S.  To discuss for your setup, send a little blurb about your needs, location and phone contact information to:  Offgridjourney@gmail.com, and someone will call you to discuss.

KOHILO Quantum

The “QUANTUM” is a powerful and complete clean energy system consisting of a 3-kilowatt turbine atop a 12 foot tower. The entire system breaks down into its base, creating a safe and convenient shipping capsule with all electronics pre-installed at KOHILO’s manufacturing facility, ensuring the highest standards of quality control. The system may be grid-tied allowing for net metered applications and because of the exoskeleton encased turbines, cost-effective system expansion may be realized by stacking additional turbines.


Power Generation Range 3 mph – 127 mph (1.3 m/s – 56 m/s)
Rated Output 22 mph (10 m/s) 2,900 watts
Maximum Output 6,200 Watts
Cut-in speed 3 mph (1.3 m/s)
Overall Size 4 ft. (height) x 11.5 ft. (diameter)
Turbine Weight 145 lbs.
Generator Multi-Stage/Expandable Axial Flux
Noise < 38 db (equivalent of a quiet room)
Installation Height Recommendation 10 ft. above obstructions
Braking System Dynamic load

Annual Power Production

  • The electric grid in a 4-foot cube
  • Truly ”plug and play” operation
  • All electronics pre-installed at factory ensuring highest quality control standards
  • Simple and easy installation procedure
  • Fully deployable within 4-hours of system delivery
  • Outlets and circuits mounted to cube (base) of system
  • Full range of DC and AC power for extreme versatility
  • Remote WiFi monitoring
  • System incorporates Trojan batteries that charge with prevailing winds enabling the use of energy on demand during power outages
  • Exoskeleton encased, stackable turbines affording cost-effective expansion

Invented by the founder of KOHILO, the “VORTEX” wind turbine yields the lowest Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) and highest Capacity Factor in the wind energy market. This increase in power production is made possible by the employment of a diffuser system that stabilizes turbulent airflow. These precision diffusers channel wind into the core of the “VORTEX” turbine thereby increasing the velocity of this harvested wind by compressing a large volume of flow into a small channel; this channel directs airflow perfectly into the blades of the turbine. Consequently, the large diffuser channels create a head pressure yielding a strong, constant airflow.

Value & Versatility

V3 Turbine Power Curve
Value. The production of a 3-Kilowatt turbine at the price of a 2-Kilowatt complete system, with turn-key operation.
Power. AEP = 14,895 kWh @7.5m/s wind speed
Versatility. Can be mounted on a trailer for mobile use or to a cement base for long-term stability

QUANTUM Includes:

  • 1- 3-Kilowatt KOHILO VORTEX turbine
  • 4-Trojan storage batteries
  • Capacitor Bank
  • Inverter
  • Charge Controller
  • WiFi Remote Monitoring
  • Tower
  • Waterproof Enclosure Containing All Electronics



Kohilo Quantum Cube Vortex XL

Complete energy system in a 4 foot Cube

Entire system installation streamlined

Electronics sealed inside

Turbine tower mounted to top of Cube

Can be mounted to a trailer for mobile use

Can be mounted to cement base for long term stability

Outlets and circuits mounted to Energy Cube

Plug and play anywhere

Large compartment for system expansion or storage

Outback Grid Tie inverter (GVFX3524LA)

True sign wave

3,500 watt continuous, 5,000 watt surge (5 sec)

Multi-stage intelligent battery charging

Built-in grid transfer switch

Sealed chassis for harsh conditions

Instant power in utility outage

Power for off grid adventures

Outback Communication (MATE3)

Program, manage and monitor entire system

Intuitive menu structure

Easy-to-read graphical display

System configuration wizard


Field upgradable

Up to 1-year of data logging

SD memory card slot

Midnite Classic Charge controller (Classic 150)

Wind, Solar, and Hydro applications

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)

Highest quality in the industry

Monitoring software

Trojan Smart Carbon Renewable Energy Batteries

12 kWh storage (L16RE-B, X four)

Decreased rate of sulfating in Partial State of Charge (PSOC)

Improved charge acceptance

High energy efficiency and density

Faster recharge in PSOC applications

High strength case for harsh conditions

Trojan Auto Watering System (Hydrolink)

30 seconds to maintain water levels

Maximize battery life

Maintain battery maximum performance

Increased safety

Save time

Eliminate mess from manual watering

One way valve eliminate potential spills

Dump Load Controller Resister bank (Kohilo Dump load)

Eliminate battery overcharging

System Main Grid Power Connection

Connects directly to Grid Power Panel

35 foot lead

System Sub Panel

Powered with or w/o the grid

High grade outdoor enclosure

6 circuits

35 foot lead and Cube mount

Cube Outlets

4 - 20A Outlets

High grade outdoor rated outlets

High grade outdoor enclosure

Kohilo Turbine Tower (Cube/Roof mount)

Mounts directly atop the Energy Cube (6' tower, 12' total height)

Converts to 3' roof mount for most standard roofs

Versatile for most installation needs

Cost:  Under $30,000.00 with commercial delivery inside the U.S.  To discuss for your setup, send a little blurb about your needs, location and phone contact information to:  Offgridjourney@gmail.com, and someone will call you to discuss.

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