This Back Pack Could Power Your Laptop For A Couple of Months

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You may have seen the Kickstarter release of the Met Air Solstice recently.  It has a little 2.2 pound batter pack inside that is exchangeable and provides as much juice as up to 90 D-Cell Alkaline batteries.  The gadget guys at Met Air gave me a chance to bring one home to try it out.  So far I've charged up my Galaxy V at least nine times, and it's still going strong!  That's on a little 2.2 pound battery pack, and I keep using it for a flashlight at night.  And it has two ports to charge two phones at once which I really like.  

But those techies have stepped it up a few notches as they release this new... much more powerful... Met Air Ranger!   When It comes to backpacking, camping, outdoor events, portability, survival, and emergency situations, it's important to always have a power solution close at hand, especially now that most everything has electronics built-in.  And when it comes to survival, we hear horror stories of the possibility of an EMP, and it becomes imperative to have backup power when everything else goes down.  For cavern campouts and jungle excursions, for cycling adventures when you don't want to bring a 100 pound solar generator along with you...    if you've been powering up a gas generator for little tiny things over and over again, there are many circumstances when you will find the Ranger to be a life saver.  

At 25 pounds, it's got as much juice as almost 200 pounds worth of marine deep cycle boat batteries!  So when you're off in the woods, and far far from anything, this is really a great way to go!

Here's the exchangeable power supply for the Ranger


How Zinc-Air Chemistry WorksTechnology

Batteries of all types have two main components; anodes and cathodes along with other key ingredients such as an active catalyst and electrolyte to connect and activate them.  For zinc-air battery operation, the fuel for the cathode is simply oxygen from the air we breathe and the fuel for the anode is zinc metal powder. Inside the battery, a mass of zinc particles form a porous anode, which is saturated with an electrolyte to make it electrically conductive. 

Oxygen causes a reaction that forms hydroxyl ions, which in turn forms zincate, thereby releasing electrons to travel to the cathode.  QSI’s patented nanotechnology production processes create the high surface area advanced catalysts that facilitate this electrochemical reaction with greater efficiencies, resulting in higher energy densities within the zinc-air battery.

Unlike a conventional battery that contains both cathode and anode material, oxygen from the atmosphere is one of the battery reactants and is not packaged within the battery.  So a cell can contain more zinc fuel in the anode to provide more capacity, or run time, than a conventional battery.  As a result, the MetAir® Ranger PPS has higher energy capacity-to-volume (and weight) ratio than any other commercially available battery.

And there's more good news.  When the reaction completes, you're left with Zinc Oxide which is the same substance that makes Baby Butt Cream or A&D Ointment.  So no worries there!

The pack totes around an inverter, a light, has a cigarette lighter plug-in, power pole connectors, and a 4 port usb charger with it.

Oh and it comes in a lighter color too...

Available Now At:  The MetAir Home Page



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