Meet the Giant One-Armed Crocodile, Brutus! (Video)

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"His name is Brutus. And this massive 16.5 foot, or 5.5 meter, giant one armed crocodile is who people hope to see when they take one of the popular jumping crocodile tours on the Adelaide river in Australia’s northern territory. Brutus is definitely a rarity. 70 is very old for a crocodile, Brutus, is thought to be up to 80 years old,"  according to

He is also missing his front right leg, thought to have been bitten off by some other large monster when he was younger. Even with just his head above the water, you can tell it’s Brutus because of his missing teeth, another rarity, since crocodiles normally grow new teeth to replace old or lost ones.

When pictures of Brutus were posted on the internet many thought they were photo-shopped, but tour guides like Harry Bowman attests that Brutus is very real, and, not even the largest croc on the river.

At half meter longer, that honor goes to a croc nicknamed Barabas. Apparently both croc can be occasionally seen on the river though the two have been seen fighting, so the tour boats try to keep them apart. So according to Harry and contrary to rumor the massive croc Brutus and his slightly larger sparring partner Barabus, are very real.

video and image snapshots from above youtube video. 

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