If You Could, Would You Share Your Off-Grid Dreams With Us?

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I am amazed and excited that what once was once just a handful of extremists is now a trajectory path for the masses.  This idea of living off the grid has taken hold of our minds and our dreams as a likely and probably future where power companies no longer hold the ticket to our electricity, and we begin as a society to take back control of our futures.  

An emergency or catastrophe might mean the town is without power for a while, but our backup plans and our backup backup plans which might include a wood stove, a generator and some solar panels will keep us from doing without power, while we may be forced to eat a little more grub from the veggie garden for a while or dig into that one-year food supply we ordered a year ago, but more than anything, I am excited that our present is one where we are awakening and paying attention to our world around us.  Those who fell victim to the housing collapse are are utilizing credit less, and becoming a cash-based society who saves and spends only when he or she is able.  Many are planning ahead years by dreaming of a home off-grid, and then initiating those plans one step at a time.  

In the meantime, Hollywood is taking notice.  Casting calls are coming my way over and over for stories that would make good TV.  By getting the word out as to how people are doing it, more are excited to try.  By driving the excitement for the successes, we are driving the marketplace to produce more and more goods to cater to off-grid life, and the gap between technologies is closing in on our future day by day. 

If you are a younger family making plans to be off-grid, and you think that such a life is for you.... If you have been thinking for some time that you would like to make those dreams a reality, and are ready to begin taking steps in the right direction, I've got a proposition for you...  

Another casting call has come through for a major network who wants to follow say a two year trajectory of a family, specifically with teens.  They want dynamic personalities who would be fun to watch, with witt and creativity to the max.  This would be a family who say currently lives in a city or very normal life, but wants to persue the off grid dream over time.  For example, you would be shopping for land, and checking out expectations on solar panels, finding out about wind power, seeing how much your energy needs would be, and going through the off-grid thought process step by step.  Consider that it's possible that the production could help to fund your dream if you are chosen, but don't base your decision entirely upon that funding, since they want it to be a realistic endeavor.  

If this is calling your name, then you might be the one.  Send an email about yourselves and what it means to you to get off-the-grid along with a few photos of what would make you stand out as a candidate to:  Offgridjourney@gmail.com

Consider that if you are not chosen for this one, I'll hang onto your information for the possibilities as they come through, and re-submit if that's okay.  These casting calls come in all the time these days.  Hollywood seems to be infatuated with Off-gridders for the now, so let's give them a show and spread the word while they're hungry.  The more publicity that we can shine on how difficult it is sometimes to work with local municipalities getting things approved, the more the pressures will open doors for all of us.  

Have a fantastic Wednesday, and thank you for considering.  


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