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In the off-grid world, there are a lot of people who hunt and / or eat what they can get their hands on, but people like their ability to choose.  I notice that one of the biggest battles that happen on the page are over animals, animal treatment, animal rights, etc. when guns or hunting comes up.   My brother-in-law has always had a problem eating chicken on a bone.  It makes him cringe.  My youngest and eldest children eat pretty much everything.  But my middle child has been mimicking animals her whole life.  She pictures them when she eats, and it's hard for her to eat meat when she knows where it came from.

That seems to be the case with many people I run into.  It's not necessarily a religion or a family decision, but a natural inborn empathy for all creatures that is inherent in some people, but not necessarily in others.  I consider it more of a personality trait.  My wife is Nicaraguan by birth, and I call her a Carnataur, as in she has to have her grass-fed antibiotic-free steak, or she's as grumpy as can be.  Maybe it's that type "O negative" blood type.  Who knows.  Me?  I don't like veggies... at all.  I never outgrew my childhood eating habits.     

I think that it's important that we all learn to understand each other... that not everyone is like you, or like me, and yet we can all get along.  To the vegan I would say that there are those in the world who believe the trees and the gardens  have souls, and you might easily offend them.  To the meat eater, you might easily offend the vegan.  Just as a Christian should be respectful of the Muslim praying with his family in the park, we would not expect them to avoid their beliefs, but we should be tolerant of them, so should we be tolerant of other's lifestyles and the way others choose to live. 

I ran into this video today.  Many of you may already have seen it, but it's cute, and shows how sometimes the way we are begins at an early age: (click cc for captions)

Thank you for being respectful of others in your comments on our pages, and having a terrific day!


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