Recently Discovered: The Worlds Biggest Cave

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Nat Geo documents this fabulous adventure into unexplored regions of the world to bring us into the Abyss.... a worth-while watch as they descend into Son Doong to see if it truly is deserving of the title, "Worlds Biggest Cave."  I really enjoyed it, and I'm sure you will too!.....

One of the most tremendous benefits of caves and caverns is the fact that when you go walking down into one, you immediately realize the change in temperature.  Below ground is completely insulated from the temperatures above the surface.  Therefore, knowing that in the winter, there is warmth below, and in the summer, there is cool below is the kind of knowledge that leads us to discover new ways to use that temperature below in heating or cooling our homes and businesses above.  Utilizing what is here for us will make a better planet for all.

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