Logging With Horses To Protect Nature (2 pages)

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The relationship between horses and humans is a beautiful thing.  The horses love the work, and people love the help.  The idea of logging with horses is often misunderstood.  Many animal rights activists think that the horses are being abused, but horses love to work.  Also, the idea of logging with horses isn't just an Amish way of life, where they don't want to use a tractor.  Even the prince of Wales understands that logging with Horses protects the forest floor from being trampled, chasing away all the wildlife, displacing bee colonies and squirrels alike.  It is great for nature, uses no fuel, promotes biodiversity and keeps the forest natural.  Also it's much easier to selectively thin the forests in a healthy manner when you can work between the trees.  

Clear-cutting of forests becomes completely un-necessary.  The process is more about necessity than profits generated, and promotes a healthy-hard-working way of life.  

The Prince of Wales is the Patron of The British Horse Loggers, an association that works to promote horse logging and support professional horse loggers. The horses working at Balmoral are being used in place of large timber machines to minimize any damage to vegetation, soils and water-tables.

-- Getty Images NBC

Simon Lenihan, a full time commercial horse logger, removes a Scots Pine tree from the Balmoral Estate with Sultan De Le Campagne a 15 year old Belgian Aldennes horse on Dec. 11 in Crathie, Aberdeenshire.

Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images NBC

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