American Root Cellars: A Tradition of Saving Food

Categories: Food

Many rural American Families in the late 19th & early 20th century had "Root Cellars" where they would store vegetables along with whatever food that they "put up". Here is an American Root Cellar from 1910.

For most people, the term “root cellar” evokes an image of a brick or stone masonry subterranean structure tunneled into a hillside. These classic root cellars are only one of a number of different types of structures used to preserve root crops, vegetables and fruits over the past 400 years. The other structures include subfloor pits, cooling pits, house cellars, barn cellars, field root pits & trenches, and root houses. Root Cellars in America provides a history of all the structures, discusses their design principles, and details how they were constructed.

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