Can Bamboo Water be our next super drink?

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Its no secret for pandas that Bamboo harvests water. Now the question is: Is Bamboo Water the next super drink?

In fact, Bamboo Water could hold nutritional properties as Bamboo pushes water from its roots to the leaves in the morning and then returns it filled with green benefits that could be both sustainable and beneficial.  

Apart from being a great business idea, if harvested sustainable, Bamboo Water could help developing countries source clean water for their use. In the end it may ensure a good source of this precious element we all need to survive.

Vincent Villanis claims his Bamboo Water is the first beverage in Canada to use the plant as a core ingredient. By using bamboo – an abundant plant suitable for growth in many countries including emerging economies – he believes its nutritional value can be harvested worldwide.

The low-calorie and fat-free drink – described as ‘sweet and clean’ tasting – could be on the shelves in North America in June, with a Kickstarter campaign currently raising the necessary funds.

How to survive in the jungle

Villanis has a long history with bamboo, starting with his childhood in the Phillipines.  

“A soldier would teach us how to survive in the jungle,” he said

 “One of the coolest things I remember from that was how to identify a young bamboo plant, and create an opening on one of the culms and drink the water from inside the bamboo in order to hydrate and survive.”

He started a bamboo farm in Canada five years ago, which was when the idea of using bamboo leaves grew. 

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