Day Of Canning Apricots & Apricot Initiation In The Homestead

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Jesse and Alyssa recently bought land in the Inland Northwest and are on a journey to build a home and start a homestead.

On this occasion they share they experience canning apricots, and give tips on how to source such a bounty.

we’ve been foraging for food NON-STOP. We’ve canned many types of fruits so far, but today was Apricot day, and it’s a memorable day to share with you all.

While the past few months have been busy tying up loose ends, finishing up our diy wood-fired hot tub and even tackling our first cement project, the amount of ripe fruit available in the month of June caused us to seriously switch gears.

Actually, to be completely honest, we realized that it was huckleberry season and since huckleberries are such a delectable treat, we decided that we needed to pick as many as possible and preserve them. The only way we saw fit to preserve these was canning.

Long story short, after making huckleberry preserves, huckleberry pepper jam, huckleberry barbecue sauce and huckleberry ice cream, we shifted our focus to the other numerous fruit offered to us both from our neighbors and even fruit trees in town that were being neglected.

So… onto the events that led up to Apricot Day.

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