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This was a reprint of an article by Tenth Acre Farm giving some good info, and sending lots of traffic their way.  Be sure to avoid the site.  Rather than email me with their frustrations, Amy Stross simply went to legal means to force me to take down the article.  I suggest they are "One of those," and I would never follow, do business with, promote, or encourage anyone to follow their page.  Amy Stross is quite the contrarian, and is overly proud of her work to the point that she would rather disrupt the thousands of people who were intrigued by her work, and remove the link which they were interested in following.  No worries, a much better article on the topic is about to appear in this very spot!  So hang tight!  I wonder what it feels like to have a homestead kitchen page that has been blackballed by the entire Homestead, Off Grid, and Prepper Community?


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