36 Knockout And Delicious Cast Iron Skillet Recipes

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You might remember it as the heavy black skillet grandma fried chicken in (and later passed down to you). But versatile cast iron goes from stovetop to oven to grill with such ease that you can bake a gooey upside-down cake in it as well as fry unbelievably crisp catfish. And it’s a regional icon that will boost your reputation as a savvy cook. So pull out your hand-me-down skillet, or buy a new preseasoned one―once you try these recipes, you’ll be a cast iron convert.


A cast iron skillet is the preferred cooking pan among many professional and amateur chefs because of their dependability of how well they conduct heat and their versatility to cook from stovetop to oven. You can buy a cast iron skillet set at an cheap price and know that your pan will last practically forever. Cast iron skillets are durable, require less cooking oil when compared to other high-end pans, and they are a chemical-free alternative to nonstick pans. They do, however, require a bit more maintenance, so once you own a set learn how to properly care and season your cast iron skillet.

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