DIY Refrigerator Root Cellar

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Most of us have heard of the time-tested practice of storing and "over-wintering" food supplies in a root cellar. As long as you live in a cool/cold temperate climate with a frost line, it's hard to beat something so simple, effective and easy. If you don't have the funds or the needs to build a full-scale root cellar, you might want to try something a bit smaller, and perhaps a bit more practical. A DIY cooler, with supporting PVC pipes for air flow might just be the trick. Old refrigerators have been used in this fashion for decades, but a cooler might be a bit more manageable and just as insulative.

Preserving food via a root cellar is an ancient idea and using it will help you conserve tons of energy. You can preserve fruits and vegetables throughout the year and even in the summer using this method.

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