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Cottage Craft Works, is really, truly that unique general store you used to remember going to when you were a kid, picking out the candy at the counter and oggling at all of the new equipment that had just come in from the nearest big city on the back of a Ford pickup truck. We've just modernized things a bit, so you know, you can view it from the comfort of your home.

Cottage Craft Works is a small family business ran by Paul and Liz Stevens. For over 35 years, Paul and Liz have bought and used Amish made products for their own country back-to basics lifestyle, while helping others also locate special products. They explored and mapped the Amish country back roads in Indiana and Ohio--seeking out different self-sustaining products used in home food preservation, gardening and frugal living for themselves and their friends.  As they met new friends, those connections lead to more contacts over in Pennsylvania and New York. They were intrigued with the simple life style and quality products the Amish produced. They quickly became dedicated to helping the small cottage based businesses help share their products to others. With the encouragement of family and friends, Cottage Craft Works was born to help others find good old fashioned, American made products. 

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