Hot Jam Cake Fresh From the Oven - Cooking with Maude - Hosted by Joe Patton

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Published on Feb 24, 2016

Chef Joe Patton bakes a deliciously moist Jam Cake using homemade plum preserves picked from the trees at Cascades Lookout Farm in the Pacific Northwest.

Giving detailed step-by-step instructions Chef Patton walks you through the full preparation and baking process to make your own Jam Cake from scratch - even if you don't have a wood-fired cook stove.

Born and raised in the Ozarks, Chef Patton's happy narration and his affection for his wood stove (Maude) shines through as he shares his joy at creating delicious food made the old-fashioned way.

Joe lives as close to the earth as they can: one acre, huge garden, chickens and no processed food. Sweet Home, OR

Joe is the real mccoy.... living in the oregon wilderness:

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