HOW TO guide for cooking with a woodstove.

Categories: Cooking

Demonstrating how I cook my food, heat my home and heat my water all with the same fire. A woodfired oven is an essential tool for the self sufficient homestead.

At 31 degrees below zero, the "Boss of the Swamp" has no worries. The same heat that heats his home, also cooks his food, and heats his water. This is about as smart as it gets, not only with energy efficiency, but also self-reliance, as he is quick to point out. He tells us about the pros and cons with the new vs. old stoves. Some of the key points are to keep your oven at a constant temperature, something easily done with the newer models. Some of the older models, however, had some snazzy features in expediting a rolling boil by removing a few discs, located inside the burn ring.

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