Make linen bread bags: No more moldy bread

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 Don't you just love this idea? Bread that delicious versatile loaf, that can very well be served with savory or sweet dishes, brings comfort and happiness. There are so many ways of baking bread, every culture has their own way of making these delectable and simple meal companions.

Sadly if there is too much humidity or it is not stored properly, bread gets moldy and becomes inedible, here in this article, you can learn to make linen bread bags to help them last longer.

Get rid of plastic bread bags

My family doesn’t go through bread very fast. I bake 2 loaves of challah each week, and inevitably more than half the second loaf is wasted due to moldy bread. Up till now we stored our bread in plastic bags. So not only is the bread wasted, but the plastic bread bags are sent to the landfill, too. Once there is mold in the bag you can’t clean it out.

There’s too much plastic waste in the world already and I didn’t want to be responsible for creating more. I’ve been on a zero-waste mission this year, so I was serious about solving this problem.

I had a wooden bread box, but that wasn’t a good solution. The bread box takes up too much room on the kitchen counter.

After searching for a few years I think I’ve finally found the solution to my moldy bread problem. And I found it at the thrift store for under a dollar.

My local thrift stores often have 100% linen napkins for sale. Linen is the perfect fabric for storing bread. The French have known this for centuries. After all, that’s what they used to store bread in before plastic bags came along.

Check out this post to know if your treasure is linen or cotton.

Benefits of linen bread bags:

Linen is the ideal fabric for storing bread. Linen is:

  • Breathable
  • Keeps the bread in the dark
  • Bread bag can be hung on a hook off the counter
  • Washable
  • Keeps bread from drying out
  • Linen naturally attracts moisture
  • You can hang your bread with the drawstring so you won’t lose it under armloads of produce.

Common sizes of linen bread bags

Here are the finished sizes of common linen bread bags:

Baguettes and Challah – 17″ x 11″ (Use a 22″ x 22″ napkin for this size)

Boules – 12″ x 12″

Sandwich loaves – 15″ x 12″

Make a linen bread bag from upcycled linen dinner napkins

Skill level: Beginner

Time: 15 minutes

Tools needed:

  • Sewing machine with straight stitch
  • Scissors or a way to cut the thread


  • Thread to match your napkin fabric
  • 1 – 100% linen dinner napkin — square with a plain edge.  Choose a heavier linen fabric over a fine linen fabric. I used a 22″ x 22″ napkin.
  • 27″ length of ½” ribbon, braided seine twine, heavy jute string, or fancy kumihimo braid

I found two beautiful, never used, double damask linen dinner napkins at the thrift store for $1.50 (for both!). These were 24″ x 24″ before washing and ironing. They shrunk down to 22″ x 22″, the perfect size for a long artisan loaf of bread. The finished bread bag will be 21 inches long and 11 inches wide – ample for baguettes, challah, and other long artisan loaves.

If the finished bread bag seems too roomy for smaller loaves, simply secure it closer to the loaf.

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