There's Beauty In The room: 15 Vintage Cook Stoves

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1.  There's nothing like the feel you get when you first lay eyes on an old wood burner stove.  This The Boston Beauty Supreme Found on brings for many the memories of hauling a bundle of wood into the house, and cracking open the door, and tossing it in.  The one stick that blocks the door, and trying to jiggle it in so you can close 'er up and focus on the cooking at hand.  The smells of good ol' fashioned country cooking, the bacon grease from yesterdays breakfast used to slick up everything in a thick iron griddle with delicious flavor.  Back then it was all about flavor.  Fitness came naturally from a more rugged and active lifestyle, so it wasn't something you thought about at the dinner table.  Let's eat up!

2.  I think I remember hot summers thinking about it being too hot inside, and mid cookin wanting to haul that thing outside.  In many cases, they did.  They got tired of that hot thing in the house, and drug it outdoors for comfort.  Vintage Cook Stove Found on

3.  But then some were just too big to be cartin' around, and they stayed where they stayed for a long time!

Jewel Wood Burner Found on

4.  Knox New Mogul Cook Stove Found on

I love the metal dishwear.  Don't worry, it won't break.

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