There's Beauty In The room: 15 Vintage Cook Stoves

Categories: Cooking

5.  Majestic Wood Burner Found on

6.  No 18 Cast Iron Found on

7.  Rare 2 Sad Iron Pot Bellied Stove

Yup, it had built in clothes irons.  The two of em is so when one got too cool from using it, you swapped out for a hot one!

8.  Retro Gas Burner in Pink

Okay, just for a touch of modern fancy flair, because after the woodfire stove, this would have been fancy stuff with the automatic fire and all (no wood required).  That was one big benefit of natural gas.  The trees were coming down like crazy because you needed them to cook.  Natural gas burners kept a lot of wood standing.

9.  Stewart Cast Iron Cook Stove Found on


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