Crispy Orange Chips Recipe

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Slide them in or sack them on your dehydrator of choice and turn on to 115 – 135 degrees (I prefer the lower temps to preserve the natural oils). Dry them for 5 – 12 hours… they need to be brittle. Store them in airtight jars and out of light.

What to Do With Them?

  • Add some slices in a container of water or tea and leave in the fridge. The oranges will leave a nice flavor in the water. So refreshing!
  • Add a slice to your favorite tea. The longer you leave it, the stronger the flavor and it will not turn bitter.
  • Chop it up and create your own tea mixes. I already have some ideas!
  • Chop it up and use it to flavor dishes or simply garnish your salad. I’m thinking…
  • Throw some in your blender or coffee grinder and make some powder. 
  • Use for decorating and get some color into your home!

Want some?

by Marillyn Beard / via JustMakingNoise

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