Could A Food Dessert Really Feed An Entire Community? See How This Guy Did It!

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This is David Young.

After Hurricane Katrina decimated New Orleans and the 9th Ward, most people just relocated to start over.  

David Young did the complete opposite!  He moved from Ohio with a dream and a calling to farm this food dessert.

He has taken 30 lots abandoned after Katrina, and turned them into urban farms.

He offers all the vegetables he grows to those that have come on hard times and anyone in need can pick some fruit from his trees.

Bees that were on the verge of being exterminated, he saved and now has over 60 hives around the ward.  All the sales from the honey produced, goes to support all he continues to do for his community.

His home has become an urban homestead including goats, rescued chickens, and more bees!

David went from just having a desire to help to almost single handedly providing food for his entire community.  Pretty sure the world could use more 'David's'.

Source: Capstone 118 & Rob Greenfield


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