Lines out the door for Amys Organic Plant Based Drive Thru Restaurant

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Veggies are trending in popularity, consider partnering with some locals increasing local vegetable production and service. There is a future and its green, lets live like it and support our local green businesses this spending season.

People’s taste in food has been changing over the years.  As people get in touch with themselves, nature and each other they start to recognize that eating healthy is important for our body, mind and social responsibility  to the earth.

More people are searching for healthier alternatives to the traditional fast food genre. Everyone loves to go out to eat from time to time,  but it’s just so darn unhealthy.   

Well I have some really great news for you, since more people a walking down the healthier food route, one place has sprouted up and now offers great organic plant based veggie dishes that will tantalize and amaze the taste buds of all ages. 

Amy’s Drive-Thru restaurant opened its doors to a highly anxious populous.  The lines for this organic, plant-based drive-thru where literally through the door, and before you jump to conclusions that this restaurant serves only tofu and veggies, take a look at the menu.  

Amy’s has it all, from veggie burgers and pizzas to burritos and non-dairy milkshakes.  This place is an incredible alternative to traditional greasy fast food establishments. 

The lines just to sample some of the amazing delicacies of Amy’s has been out the door since it opened in July at Rohnert park, about 50 miles north of San Francisco.  And with phone app yelp becoming bigger and more popular Amy’s has gotten great ratings and quickly become the place to go out for food. 

Reviews about the restaurants has already gathered close to 250 reviews with an overall rating of 4-stars.  One of the comments about Amy’s drive thru was left by Emily P., “Where has this place been for all my life?  The chocolate milkshakes at this place made my year!”

Another one of Amy’s Drive Thru great benefits to society are to its employees.  Those who work in service to others under the employment of Amy’s have health benefits and a good living wage for its workers.   

The inside design of Amy’s restaurant will blow your minds. Inside, are tables that are made from repurposed car parts, and the eating apparatuses are made from recyclable materials. 

Nearly 90% of the food that is served at Amy’s is organic and locally sourced whenever possible.  Another amazing benefit of where Amy’s gets its ingredients from is some of its ingredients are grown on its own rooftop garden.  The rooftop garden is even fed by a water tower that collects natural rain water. 

It is wonderful that people are searching for healthier food alternatives.  I believe that as a whole, the human race should continue its quest to consuming healthier food.  With increased awareness we will be able to reduce diseases and help the planet thrive.  

We looking forward to the day when you can go out to eat or go to grocery stores and not have to worry about what in our food.   

Would you eat at a healthy organic restaurant if there was one in your area?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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