Making Butter From Powdered Milk

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One of my readers recently posted on the Little House on the Prairie Living Facebook Page that she was making homemade butter from powdered milk. I thought this was a fantastic idea and I asked if she would share what she did with the rest of us. I haven't tried this recipe yet but I will have to give it a go this week! Thanks Gwen for the post!

So the other morning I woke up thinking...if you can make butter from milk, why can't I make butter from powered milk?  Well, most powdered milk is non fat, so it makes it harder.  Then I discovered a full fat milk NIDO by Nestle...but I did not have any on hand and I wanted to make butter without going to the store!

The recipe. 3/4 c. powdered milk, 1/3 c. water, 1/4 c. oil(coconut, olive, sunflower, ect). You can also add yellow food coloring, salt, and butter flavoring if you want it.

Picture of the ingredients.

Add the powdered milk to your food processor.

Add the water and then the oil.

Blend for a few minutes. Check and see if it's starting to thicken. Keep blending until its starts getting thick, checking every 3 minutes or so.

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