Mexican Grown Produce Shown to be Safer Than US

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The better of both evils? The fact is that time and time again pesticides have been shown to be terrible for our health. Better choice would be home grown or locally grown where you know and have built a relationship with your farmer.  

Each year produce samples are tested by the Department of Agriculture for pesticide levels in the produce purchased in the United States.

An analysis found that pesticide levels vary depending on where the produce is grown, for example in tested cantaloupes, Mexico ranked low risk well below cantaloupes grown domestically in the United States. The same results in pesticide testing held true for broccoli, grapes, and lettuce grown in Mexico showing less exposure to pesticides than other domestic and imported produce suppliers.

A recent Consumer Reports investigation showed that many of those fruits and vegetables tested in Mexico were as safe as those products being labeled as organic when it came to pesticide residue.

Many visitors and expats to Mexico comment on the freshness, quality, and taste of produce in Mexico compared to that of the US and Canada.

Look for the ‘Grown in Mexico’ label.

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