New Grocery Store Lets You Buy Health Food For the Price of Fast-Food

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Buying Healthy food is for some people an impossible feat, for some reason these type of foods tend to be more expensive than the regular processed ones. So people that try to follow a healthy lifestyle know that they will have to spend a little bit more than the average person in grocery bills. But things are changing for the better, there is a new company that is opening their doors called Daily Table and they are shifting the power back to people of lower income, so they too have the option of eating right. Imagine Whole Foods at dollar-store prices!

This has long been the frustration of healthy food – that for some reason eating properly is saved for a wealthier segment of society. This isn’t the way it needs to be. With over 30 per cent of the national food supply wasted in the U.S., there is plenty to go around at affordable prices. This was the realization of Doug Rauch, former president of Trader Joe’s, when he founded Daily Table. The first store opened in Dorchester, Boston on June 4, 2015 and as the very first line of Time’s article reads in large bold text, “Tons of items are under $1.”

Doug Rauch, former president of Trader Joe’s has founded a new low-cost health food store called Daily Table. The first store opened in Boston on June 4, 2015.

“The answer here isn’t a full stomach, the answer has to be a healthy meal,” Rauch tells Fast Coexist. “When 49 million Americans aren’t able to eat properly, and because of it their health suffers—and they get obesity, heart disease, diabetes, in their teenage and young adult years—this is going to be a health care cost tsunami that hits all of us.”

According to their website, their prices are low enough to compete with fast-food. They also put out “grab-n-go” options, if you don’t have time to cook.

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