Nothing Like Hand Pressed Apple Cider! Mackenze Burkhart and Dickenson College Show Us How

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Published on Oct 8, 2015

At Dickinson's College Farm, students and apprentices are pressing apple cider the old-fashioned way. This wooden antique can turn a bushel of apples into a gallon of delicious cider in a few minutes, with the help of a some manual labor, of course!

First the apples need to be sliced up 

Then they're put into the grinder, and they use a masher to mash the appels into the grinder, to make sure they're going to catch when the grinder starts to turn.  


Then they crank away and turn them into mush.

the mush is in the basket, and they insert a wood block on top of the apples

then the press goes to work, crank away into cider!  Yummm... I'm getting very thirsty at this point....

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