SuperCharged Raw Cookie Dough Balls

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This is a healthy recipe that you can make in advance and bring as a snack while you go on a hike or to the park. 

This recipe is from my friend Megan Kelly.  She has an incredible blog and is a Licensed Estheticain specializing in holistic nutrition, woman’s hormones, and spiritual health.

Raw Cookie Dough Balls Ingredients:

1 cup of walnuts or cashews

¾ cup of shredded coconut flakes

1 cup of dates

1 tbsp of coconut oil

Pinch of pink salt

1 tsp of vanilla extract

3 tbsps of raw chocolate chips or cacao nibs

Servings:  4

Raw Cookie Dough Balls Instructions:

  1. Put the cashews or walnuts  into a high-speed blender or food processor and blend until they are very small pieces.
  2. Then add in the dates and blend to combine. You may need to stop the blender to stir the mixture to make sure all pieces are breaking down.
  3. Take the mixture and place in a bowl. Use your hands to fold in the chocolatechips so they spread evenly.
  4. Take a tablespoon of the cookie dough and roll around in your palms, forming a ball.
  5. Store balls in freezer or fridge.

Megan’s Comments:

I am always on the lookout for desserts I can eat and feel good about. Especially all things cookie dough, cake batter, any kind of batter or dough really. Which is why I love these little nuggets. Super easy to make. Gluten free, dairy free, grain free, and redefined sugar free.

Sweeter fruits like dates/bananas/melons have become my go to dessert treats. I have typically has been just eating low glycemic fruits like berries, green apples, kiwi, and grapefruit. This has given me so much more energy, and been amazing for my mood and hormones. Why? Stable blood sugar = stable hormones = happy body and mind.

When I do eat higher sugar fruits, I always pair it with a healthy fat to slow the metabolism of the sugar in the body. Which is why the coconut in these is the perfect combination, both for taste AND health. Boom.

Love keeping these in the freezer for times I am in need of a little pick me up.

Dr Jockers Comments:

If you want to make a healthy holiday or special occasion based dessert than you have it here.  Coconut flakes and coconut oil provide healthy fats that help your body to heal and burn fat more effectively.  Raw cacao nibs are a great source ofanti-oxidants and compounds like magnesium, theobromine and PEA’s that improve blood flow into the brain and boost dopamine levels and make you feel great.

This recipe is completely grain free and easy on the body.  Dates are higher in sugar but they are a much better sweetener than what is traditionally used.  Use some of these quick tips when eating these cookies to lower the inflammatoryblood sugar response.

This is a super fun recipe to make with your kids.  Enjoy!

via Dr.Jockers

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