The Farm To Table Trend; 12 Restaurants With Gardens To Bring You Healthy Fresh Food

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Farm-to-table has become the ultimate food trend of the year. And for some restaurants, the path from farm to table is quite short—we highlight 12 restaurants from Seattle to Maine that are growing their produce for their recipes on their roof, in raised beds, in recycled tires, and in aeroponic towers for fresh, delicious, and truly local and seasonal cuisine.

EGG - Farm to Table from Archerfish Productions on Vimeo.

A short documentary about the Brooklyn restaurant EGG, which grows much of its produce on their farm in the Catskills. Official Selection, 2012 NYC Food Film Festival.
Producer: Lindsay Blatt
Directors: Lindsay Blatt & Paul Taggart
Cinematographer: Paul Taggart
Editor: Virginie Danglades
Original Music: Joshua Camp
Production Consultant: Rod Huntress 

Read on for 11 more fantastic garden restaurants....

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