A $100 Christmas Challenge: How Good A Deal Can You Find?

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Are you home with family, and needing something creative to do?  Well I've got just the little scavenger hunt for you!  If you've gotten extremely creative this year, after the clock ran out of time for the hand made gifts begins the last minute shopping for Christmas deals. Most of us begin to scour the web for deals both new and used, from Amazon to Craigslist to your local Facebook Buy-Sell-Trade pages to find just the right thing for the best possible price.  Usually it's the thing we weren't looking for that we find for a fantastic deal, and the things we need that we end up paying full price for.  

This year, let's aim for a budget of $100.00.  In the comments below, post the links to the items you found.  The goal is to see who can find the most cool stuff for under $100.00.  Whether you're assembling a living room collection, shopping for kids toys, or find a great deal on a motorcycle, let's see what you come up with.  We'll be watching likes for the vote of who found the best deal, so be sure to like your favorite selections!

Rules:  Mention your State in your commewnt, and try to stick to searches for one State, so your search might benefit someone in that area who sees something they might love.  

I chose Harrisburg Pennsylvania for my search.  Here's my search results:

http://harrisburg.craigslist.org/fuo/5348184180.html  Sofa and love seat:  $30

http://harrisburg.craigslist.org/atq/5373459012.html  Vintage Wooden Spoon and Fork Set:  $8

http://harrisburg.craigslist.org/bik/5373231718.html 12" bike:  $10

http://harrisburg.craigslist.org/bik/5365567027.html Motorcycle Helmet $10

http://harrisburg.craigslist.org/bik/5365559845.html Bike Rack $10

http://harrisburg.craigslist.org/app/5332530291.html Bread machine $25

http://harrisburg.craigslist.org/spo/5348538240.html Golfers Putters Pool $7

So there you have it... how'd I do?  If you're struggling to find a good deal, you might set up search parameters, such as looking under furniture, from $5 - $25.  That will help you find the greatest deals!  


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