When Bears and Bigfoots Roam In The City...

Categories: Fun

 Wouldn't this be fun? Can you see yourself putting the reindeer shoes late at night on Christmas Eve, to surprise your children or wearing the bear track shoes to scare some unsuspected friend or co-worker? I thought of how cool the idea was of having shoes like these when I first saw the pictures. 

The exhibition is called Outliers and it is an ongoing project by artist Maskull Lasserre where shoes are outfitted with specially carved rubber soles meant to mimic the footprints of moose, Kodiak bears, deer, rabbits and other animals and humans. As part of the exhibition the shoes are then worn in the snow leaving the impression to unsuspecting passers-by that wildlife has wandered into urban areas including Montreal, Ottawa, Boston, and New York. See much more on his website.

Animal tracks are reproduced onto the soles of shoes that are worn to leave prints in urban areas, presented here at Articule, Montreal, QC.


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