Blue Spotted Tail with Bonnie and The Bus: She Sings, Paints, and Eats Flowers

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"Free from the epidemic societal structure that dictates we spend the majority of our lives trying to afford our base necessities in unnecessary levels, small homes like my bus, along with the tiny house movements happening all over the world, endeavour to display how the attainment of what is NEEDED provides space in the spheres of ones life that matter. What can I say? Happiness is so much easier to attain when you're not distracted or burdened from pursuing it freely ❤"


Just some edible flowers at our home in the rainforest w Baylee Forbes

Posted by Bonnie McArthur on Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Just another day hanging with the girls

Posted by Bonnie McArthur on Sunday, January 10, 2016


"Bus life? ..Oh, it's beautiful.
Here's my home in it's latest stage of renovations! All prepping for this years line of painting pupils who'll learn the A-Z of portraiture, taught in the bus itself! More insights and photographs into the bus' new studio and other areas soon! ❤"

"With my paintings ever funding my minimalist-bus-travelling-life and sustainable community research, here I am with finished portrait 'Barrister Keith Rewell SC', acrylic and oil on wood panel. 2015."  

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