Couple Adopts Dying Baby Boar and Raises Her Like Their Own Child (PHOTOS+VIDEO)

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When Raffaele relaxes on the sofa,  the 100-pound boar, who is now two years old, curls up to snuggle with him.

For pet lovers, snuggling up on the couch with our cats and dogs is a pretty common occurrence, but one Italian couple has an unusual cuddle buddy: a 100-pound boar they’ve raised since they found her close to death near their home.

Doriana Giustozzi, 65, was walking in the woods when she came across a baby boar who was malnourished, freezing, and in desperate need of help. ”When she looked at me with those eyes she stole my heart, and if someone steals my heart, I don’t leave them,” she said of the hog, named Pasqualina.

Doriana took Pasqualina home to her husband Raffaele Petterini, 71, and together, they nursed the little piggy back to health.

The couple made sure Pasqualina was always comfortable by cuddling her under blankets and warm lights.

Pasqualina has quite the charmed life. She has her choice of two beds to sleep on and space outside in the couple’s yard for fresh air – and a nice roll in the dirt.

Pasqualina eats dinner at the same time as her parents and always knows when its chowtime. The family has also taken in several dogs, cats, donkeys, and chickens.

According to Doriana, Pasqualina has quite the personality: “She loves cuddling, she likes physical contact, she communicates a lot with us, she is very affectionate and we are like her parents. However, you know, she’s like an elephant in the middle of a crystal room, when she moves inside the house she breaks things and if we reproach she feels bad. She put herself in a corner and she does not look at anyone. She’s very funny,” she told Barcroft Media.

Watch a day in the life of Pasqualina the boar below.

Pasqualina has come quite a long way thanks to this kind couple. Of course, whenever you come across a wild animal, it’s always best to contact an expert rescuer. Click here for a list of hotlines that could help.

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