Porcupine who thinks he is a puppy! (Video)

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Stinkers the porcupine is about the cutest thing ever, acting like a puppy to get handlers at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center to give him belly rubs!

Holy cuteness Batman! Meet Stinkers (formerly Snickers, but renamed as she tends to be a tad pungent), a 5-year-old porcupine rescued by the Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Center ,according to White Wolf Pack. Stinkers had been kept as a pet prior, which explains the confusion, as this adorable little girl thinks she is a puppy! Watch the video and judge for yourself; porcupine-like, or does she seem more like a puppy when she rolls over to beg the handler to give her belly rubs? Belly rubs! A porcupine! And of course they oblige the cutie.

In this video, Stinkers jumps up and down brat-style, spins in silly attention-grabbing circles, all the while just wanting attention from the handler and winning her over (you can hear her say it on the video) with her silly puppyesque behavior.

by Desfees / via Youtube

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