Supsquatch: Gigantic Inflatable Surfboard Fun! (With Wipeout Videos)

Categories: Fun

Even though some of us are living through the winter at the moment. There are places in this world that Summer is in full swing, what a great way to enjoy being at the beach than enjoying a ride in this very large inflatable surfboard called the Supsquatch.

Approximately 16 feet long, 6 1/2 feet wide and 8 inches thick, this inflatable surfboard-shaped raft comes with many handles and a stainless steel D-ring attachment point. Easily inflatable, stiff and stable, it comes with a pump and when you are done, it rolls up for easy transporting. It's made of strong, durable, heavy-duty PVC vinyl. The Original Monster SUP.

Construction: All C4 iWATERMAN products are fabricated from heavy-duty, military-grade, double-wall PVC material. Inside each product, thousands of high-tech fiber ‘cilia’ anchor the deck to bottom, allowing for superior rigidity and locking in C4’s proprietary rockers–features that grant never before seen durability and the closest thing to hard board performance of any inflatable surfcraft.

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