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The joys of wooden toy replicas makes an excellent hobby. It not only is a lot of fun but also has its rewards. With a few basic shop tools along with a good set of plans, the fun begins. There are many different toy replicas to choose from and in most cases are challenging to build. The whole key is to have fun while building your toy replicas.

Tools You Will Need

Like most woodworking projects, they do require a few tools to achieve the project at hand. Some of the tools you will require are:-

    • small bench saw or a table saw if this is what you have
    • a band saw
    • a a jig saw
    • a drill press
    • a disk and belt sander combination (to shape small pieces)
    • a router and router table (the router can be mounted in the table saw table)
    • your basic hand tools
    • of course, a good set of to scale working plans

Getting Started

What I enjoy building is toy replicas from Toys And Joys. They can supply you with great plans along with what they call kits for each project which includes wheels and doweling only. The rest is up to you. They have everything from 18 wheelers for construction to car and truck replicas. There patterns are all full scale and when made up to their secs, the project fits together as should. This where having the proper tools is important. Each piece is cut out, shaped on the sanding disk or belt and then assembled. The end result looks exactly like the real thing with all working parts such as hydraulics, cat tracks rotate and the booms on the high hoe lift up and down. My favorite project to build was the high track bulldozer. You can get your plans at http://toysandjoys.com/

I have done a video to further show you the art of toy replicas. Enjoy.

Now if what you need is inspiration on a larger scale, I hope this video brings you joy.

via WondefulWoodworking and youtube

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