Vintage VW Bus Monster Trucks Are Actually Electric Too

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Since Volkswagen’s futuristic rendition of the classic microbus has drawn mixed responses after rolling out at last week’s Consumer Electronics Show. The internet seems unanimously stoked on this idea of a retro hippie van jacked up on truck tires.

This picture of two model microbuses looking swole has been kicked around enough through the web that prompted us to share it with everybody else! 

Such a solid execution of an awesome and hilarious idea. Even if they are only toys. Who knows some of you might find inspiration in these toy models.

A lot of Facebook commenters seem to think these vehicles are real. And they are, in the sense that you can physically touch them. But you can’t fit inside as you can see if you click through a few more of the photos uploaded to the VW Bus Junkies Facebook page. Or you could listen to the folks on VWVortex who say it’s “a styrene bus body built on an SCX10 chassis.”

This is what the post said: "Everardo Vargas has some sick RC's! Here are mine the rusty looking one is my 7 year old son's and the yellow one is mine. My son and I always go rock crawling with them...Both of them are sitting on a axial scx10 chassis! Rad work dudes. Who else likes this?!!"

One commenter says the bodies were sourced from this Wal-Mart toy. If that’s the case, the workmanship on modifications is downright impeccable.

It is too bad these vans are not life-sized, but know I’m not too old to enjoy a well-crafted toy. And hey– these beauties just might inspire somebody with a truck chassis and a VW bus body lying around to do something wicked.

If that’s you, hurry up and get the torch going!

The following picture is a modified 21 window VW bus. Hardbody like the Tamiya bodies by Todd Norton

via TruckKYeah

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