When getting lost is actually fun: The world's most incredible mazes include ice labyrinths and hedgerow shapes

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  • Since the first labyrinths were created in the times of ancient Cretans and Egyptians, mazes have always fascinated 
  • From mazes with bridges and castles, to ones carved from ice, there is no limit to the designs of these attractions
  • Here are some of the creative, pruned wonders from around the world that have been carefully created for guests 

Forget your map and GPS, sometimes the best travel memories can be experienced while getting lost.

Since the ancient Cretans and Egyptians devised the first labyrinths, these routes and mazes have fascinated and entertained travellers across the globe.

Thankfully nowadays you are unlikely to find a Minotaur in the centre, but there are a number of other surprising elements to be found along the way.

From mazes which have a choice in pathway to labyrinths that offer only one route, these trails can be complicated by bridges and castles or carved from giant blocks of ice.

Harry's Potter's face, a pineapple and dinosaurs are just some of the intricate designs created from hedgerow.

To celebrate the launch of a new entrance to Van Gogh's museum in Amsterdam this week, a spectacular maze of 125,000 sunflowers has been erected for guests to explore.

Get lost in MailOnline Travel's round up of the world's most incredible mazes and labyrinths.

Longleat Maze, Wiltshire, England: With one and three quarter miles of paths to get lost in, formed by 16,000 hedged English Yews, an aerial shot of this maze is a sight to behold

Bishop's Palace Garden, Portugal: The labyrinthine Castelo Branco garden is well worth getting lost in, with its stunning Baroque design

Glendurgan Garden, Cornwall, England: Lose yourself on a walk through the three valleys of Glendurgan Garden maze, featuring a little wooden hut in the middle

Van Gogh museum, Amsterdam: The Netherland attraction is currently adorned with a maze of 125,000 sunflowers help to celebrate opening of the new museum entrance

Dole Pineapple Plantation, Hawaii: The fruit-inspired maze boasts nearly 2.5 miles of paths crafted from 14,000 colourful Hawaiian plants, centred around a giant pineapple

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