You Will Not Believe What These Guys Do On The Ice! Winter Is Coming Soon...

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In the Northern hemisphere, things are beginning to cool off as school is going, and Summer is over.  Here's something to look forward to if you're far enough north.  For those in the Southern part of the world, if you've got your freeze on... check this out!  

Disclaimer.... please don't try this at home unless you're very aware of the dangers of playing on the ice.  People die on thin ice or by falling into icy cold waters. 

And in case you're unable to watch the video, here are a couple screen shots... they cut a circle into the ice with chain saws, and make a bit of a gap.  The ice is free to spin, so they cut a boat motor into the ice and power it round and round!

Then there is another example of fun, where they've got a post in the center of the ice.  With a strap attached, they are able to push the ice runner sled round and round at a high rate of speed like a merry go round...


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