34 Must Have Tools for Homesteaders

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To be a successful homesteader, or a Pioneer Settler, as I like to call them, you can’t always rely on your own two hands.  Sometimes you need something a little bit sharper or a little bit more powerful. Tools have all been invented for a purpose, and that purpose is to help aid us in a task so we can become more efficient.

Don’t get me wrong – I may not be the biggest fan of some tools, and how they’ve taken away from the art of truly making something from hand…  For example: the apple slicer. Yes, there is such thing as an apple slicer! It is a very bulky piece of metal that hogs valuable kitchen space and serves only 1 purpose: to slice an apple!! Slicing an apple isn’t even difficult, I can do it myself in less than 60 seconds. I digress.

All complaints aside,  I have to agree that I am thankful for the assistance many tools serve… Here I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorites. So double check the shed and make sure you have everything you need to be a practical and effective homesteader, with these homesteading tools! Tools to help living off the land, and making the most of all your resources that much easier.

1. A Good Knife

A Good Knife is a must. via

A knife is the #1 tool anyone should have. A sharp blade comes in handy for many occasions, cutting, slicing, dicing, stabbing, shaving, piercing, dividing, distressing, etc.

2. An Axe

An Axe is an essential tool.  via

One nice axe is all you need. Ideal for chopping firewood, a homestead must.

3. A Hammer

Hammers are a necessary instrument for assembling, and hanging. The hammer makes building possible. 

4. A Drill

Be sure to have a drill. via

A drill is essential to speed up the building process. A wireless drill will help keep things clean.

5. A Barrel

For barrels of fun via

A barrel is ever so convenient for the homesteader. Try creating your own rain harvesting or greywater system with a barrel. Use it to store things, and use it as a table! (Yes, I know a barrel isn’t really a tool – but it’s essential for homesteading, so I had to keep it!)

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