34 Must Have Tools for Homesteaders

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6. A Wagon

Wagons make life easier.via

A wagon is ideal for toting around your gear and your goods. You’ll find it extremely useful.

7. A Sawmill

A sawmill is essential for advanced builders.via

A sawmill is another one of those tools that aren’t *really* necessary, unless of course you plan on needing lots and lots of wood. A sawmill will be extremely helpful for slicing your wood into manageable pieces for construction. Carpenters & Contractors, this one’s for you. Others, see: saw, below. Follow this link to learn how to make your own!

8. A Set of Pliers

Every homesteader should have a good set of pliers.via

A good ol’ set of pliers will help you out for all the bending, cutting, and wire-wrangling you’ll be doing. Essential for gardeners and farmers.

9. Nails

Everyone needs nails via

Nails. You’ll need nails as a quick fix for anything. They can do anything a staple gun can do, it just takes them longer. (Which is why we recommend the staple gun…).

10. Staple Gun

A staple gun can help quickly hack things together. Whether it’s fabric, wood, carpet, drywall, roofing… punch and done.

11. Solar Panels

Build your own solar panels via

Solar Panels are a homestead must-have! Soak up the natural (and FREE) elements from Mother Earth to power your home. Learn to make your own here.

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