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"LedgeLocker is a high quality, stylish shelf that blends in with the décor in any part of the home or office. LedgeLocker keeps a low profile – it is a decorative accessory not a focal piece of décor. It is a unique product, but only to the owner who knows its secret."

The LedgeLocker was conceived in order to fill a void in customer requests to be able to hide personal valuables but keep them readily accessible at the same time. Home and office safes are just too inconvenient for the possessions we use everyday or need access to in a moments notice. LedgeLocker provides the security and access customer are looking for perfectly. It conceals personal effects in places you frequent in your home or office and its PATENTED  hidden locking mechanism will not attract attention or waste valuable time unlocking your secrets.

LedgeLocker locking safe features a super strength locking system that unlocks and opens quickly with a SECRET KEY.  We can’t share our secrets on this website, but you will be happy to know that it has been lab tested, is patent protected and only shared between you and the hard working designer at Artech Design, Inc.

Artech is the classic version of the American Entrepreneurial company providing a truly valuable product, designed by a patriot and staunch believer in the American dream, and built by and American Craftsmen. 



Mechanized Shelves provide a discreet hiding place for valuables with quick access and can be placed anywhere in your home. The innovative locking mechanism makes it truly one of a kind.

Select the size, finish color & trim style.



Non-Mechanized Shelves are for decorative purposes only, do not open, matches the other shelves, and are excellent for balancing a room.

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